This year's band is "Reaching Higher"

Reaching Higher Bios

Kassandra: It had been some time that the ideas of using my singing passion for the Lord's glory had been stirring in my heart. While no door had opened I kept hoping one day it would. That is when Ralph Dooley invited me to sing with him at an event and the door was opened. Through his faith and encouragement I reached out to the individuals that are in our band. We are now collectively working together to give God glory through our performances. We started with covers of other music but have begun to create our own music. This is an amazing opportunity from God that I am humbled and blessed to be a part of.

Adrian: I had been looking for an opportunity to use my God given talent and passion for a long time. After being invited to play the drums with a small group of musicians and singers who all had the same goal as I did, I really felt like God was using me. Despite any roadblocks that have come up, God continues to pave the way for our band Reaching Higher to spread God's word through the music we play.

Kelsey: I've loved music and singing since I was a child. I'm so glad that I'm able to use what I've been given to bring glory to God.

Stacy: I prayed to God about finding purpose and to put positive people in my life. Kassandra called and asked if I wanted to play guitar in a Christian band she was starting.  Since playing in the band I have been serving the Lord through the music we play and spending time with good positive people.  Playing for the Lord has brought that purpose and positivity in my life that I had been needing.