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December 9th, 2013

Welcome to my first "Blogging experience" !

 The season of "Advent" ( from the Latin "adventus" meaning "coming" ) includes the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day when many Christian Churches anticipate and prepare to celebrate the Nativity of the Christ child. It also should remind us that Christ the Messiah has promised to come again! However, this second time He will not be coming as a helpless child. Instead, He will come with great glory and power as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! ( I've heard it said that devout Jews will have one important question they will want to ask Christ when He comes again: "Is this your FIRST or SECOND time?" ) Be that as it may, here is a simple prayer for believers during this Christmas season referred to as "Advent ".


Heavenly Father,

During this Season of Advent:

Let us open our ears to hear Your Angels singing.

Let us open our eyes to see Your glory shining all around us. 

Let us open our mouths to share Your good tidings of great joy.

Let us open our hearts to love others as much as we love ourselves.

Let us open our hands to bless those in need with the blessings You have given us. 

And let us open our lives to freely demonstrate the hope of everlasting life You have graciously given to us in the gift of Your son, Jesus Christ.