Music Ministry

We Have Reason to Sing!
people who are connected with Collinsville Congregational Church are forever grateful for what Christ did for them on the cross and are in awe of His awesome presence in their lives. On any given Sunday, some express their praise for him quietly, while others feel led to shake a tambourine, or raise their hands to worship their Savior and Lord!

Whether you know Christ already or desire to learn more about Him, Collinsville Congregational Church is a place where you can praise God openly and meet others to walk with you on your spiritual journey.


We are blessed with gifted folks who lead us in our musical offerings to the Lord:

  - Our Adult Choir Director, Judy Wheeler,
usually oversees the musical selections and leads the choir.
For the Choir page, click here.
She also blesses us with her piano playing during the Sunday service, when the Worship Team is not ministering.

   - Our Worship Leader, Jay North, leads a Worship team and the congregation in more contemporary music during the first 3-5 songs of the service on two Sundays of the month, usually the second & fourth Sundays. He also occasionally recruits friends from other churches to participate.
We have vocalists, piano/keyboard, guitars and sometimes drums.
Jay has also compsed music for special occasions at CCC.
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Our Organist / Pianist, Anna Pan, usually plays the instrumental prelude to our Sunday service on our beautiful Flentrop organ. The prelude assists us in quieting ourselves before the Lord,
in preparation for the rest of the service.