Calendar of Events

Click on the picture to view the full calendar and see what the CCC Flock is up to!!

Quick View of Events
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Calendar Tips:

1) Click the photo of the sheep to go to the complete Calendar of Events.

2) You can choose to view events by the day, the week, or the month, by clicking on the corresponding tabs above the calendar grid.

3) You can go forward or backward to different months by clicking the "Previous Month" or "Next Month" arrows on either side of the month name, or by using the drop-down arrow on the left, captioned "Select another month."

4) ***CLICK THE NAME OF AN EVENT on the calendar to go to another page with more details about that specific event.

5) On the specific event page, you can ALSO send an email to invite someone to that event, or else send yourself an email reminder on a chosen date to remember the upcoming event. (Cool, huh?)

6) You can print any calendar view by clicking on the "Print View" tab above the calendar grid.

7) Praise God for nifty digital resources! ;-)